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  Nathelyne A. Kennedy & Associates provides professional civil and structural engineering and construction management services including preliminary engineering, cost estimating, design management, and project and program management. Our clients include municipal, state, and federal agencies, as well as commercial entities. Ongoing project involvements encompass highway, road, bridge, rail, public transit, parking garages, water/waste water systems, marine terminals, sports facilities, commercial and public-use facilities, and various other infrastructure projects.

Contact: Nathelyne A. Kennedy
Telephone: (713) 988-0145
Fax: (713) 988-4624

  PTI, Inc.

Contact: David Collins
Telephone: (713) 266-6145
Fax: (713) 974-4812

  Quadrant Consultants, Inc. is a multidisciplinary consulting firm, which provides an integrated approach to problem solving through it's staff of professionals in a wide variety of disciplines including engineering, planning, environmental, and aviation.

Contact: Peter Jordan
Telephone: (713) 779-2990
Fax: (713) 779-3717

  R. C. Johnson Architects

Contact: R. C. Johnson
Telephone: (713) 520-5909
Fax: (713) 520-6303

  United Engineers, Inc. is a Houston based consulting engineering firm offering a complete range of professional services in Civil Engineering, Land Development, Construction Management and Surveying.

The firm provides professional engineering services to municipalities, governmental entities, private industry, and other engineering firms statewide. The firm, with it's highly-qualified engineers, surveyors, inspectors, and their staff members, provides the full range of project and construction management services to meet the growing demand from clients for efficient project completion.

Contact: Sherif Mohammed
Telephone: 713.271.2900
Fax: 713.271.2999

  WP & Associates

Contact: Cliff Ward
Telephone: (713) 667-6400
Fax: (713) 667-6191

  Association of Black Consulting Engineers & Architects (ABCEA)
PO Box 771992
Houston, TX. 77215
Telephone: 713-988-0145
Fax: 713-988-4624